About Bunge Argentina

Bunge Argentina is one of the most important agribusiness companies within the country.

It is engaged in the agricultural activity from the very early stages, by providing agricultural producers with nationally produced fertilizers, being one of the main manufacturers of nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, and sulfur, and thus supplyingthe most required nutrients at domestic level. Bunge Argentina integrates grain marketing, reception and storage; oilseeds industrialization; meal production with a varied content of proteins, and vegetable oil production - either refined for human consumption or crude –intended for the global market.

In its continuous commitment with growthand national interests, Bunge Argentina employs about 1,600 workers, and generates indirect employment for over 15,000 individuals.

Bunge Argentina is a subsidiary of Bunge Limited, a global agribusiness company, which includes fertilizers, food and energy, among other businesses, with global operations and strategically distributed assets, addressing the whole agricultural-food industry chain spectrum.

Bunge Limited – a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, with headquarters in White Plains, New York - operates in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Its commercial, logistic, and distribution facilities are located throughout the world.

At global level, Bunge Limited is present throughout the whole agricultural and food production chain, which allows it to satisfy - either simultaneously and in an integrated way – both the needs of agricultural producers, the industry, and related logistic services, and that of the customers within the demanding global business market.

In Argentina, Bunge is the first wheat exporter. It is the second worldwide exporter of soybean by products, and one of the main soybean processors at national level. Bunge Argentina leads national phosphatized and nitrogenated fertilizer production and marketing.

About 95% of Bunge Argentina's production is directed to exports, an activity supported by Bunge Global Agribusiness, the international marketing division that operates in over 30 countries.

Style, Mission and Values

Our Values are reflected in our management; they are the essential guide for every employee and for the standards we work with

We are committed to:

  • Being the most efficient and best integrated Argentinean agribusiness company, by providing our customers with top quality products, services and logistics.
  • Bunge's management style and corporate values ​​reflect the organization model that has supported its continuance and constant growth.
  • Throughout its 120-year history, Bunge Argentina has flourished, allowing local teams to operate by their own, able to identify and capitalize opportunities and trends, more efficiently responding to customer needs.
  • Maintaining a flexible and efficient organization requires employees and partners committed with an attitude of integrity, a focus on the customer, teamwork, engagement, entrepreneurial spirit, transparency and trust.

These are the values inspiring us:


Honesty and fairness guide our every action.


We value individual excellence and work as a team for the benefit of Bunge and our stakeholders.

Openness and Trust

We are open to other ideas and opinions, and we trust our colleagues.


We prize individual initiative to meet opportunities and deliver results.


We contribute to the development of individuals and the social and economic fabric of our communities, and we act as stewards of the environment.