Grains and Oilseeds

Destined to food production, Bunge Argentina leads the grain business within our country. Its activity integrates reception, storage, handling and trading of grains and oilseeds, such as:



Today, Bunge Argentina is positioned as:

  • The most important wheat exporter
  • The second corn exporter
  • One of the most important soybean exporters

Logistics and Elevators

One of the evident company's strength involves its sound storage capacity that optimizes its logistic activities, and grants competitive advantages to producers, the national agribusiness, and customers. Its port logistic capacities place the company in an unbeatable position in front of its competitors.

Bunge Argentina’s activity internally transports by land over 3 million tons of seeds and by-products per year, often traveling distances exceeding 1,300 kilometers. Logistic services in ports are offered 24/7, all year-round, which includes reception, storage of grains, oil, and byproducts.

The significant loading and unloading capacity, the flexibility of its facilities, the optimization of travel times from origin to destination, and the immediate assistance to ships in port terminals, allow Bunge Argentina to dispatch on average, onefully-loaded transoceanic vessel/day.

Seeds: COLZA



High productivity Rapeseed hybrids adapted to different edaphoclimatic regions allow grain production with a low carbon footprint (CO2) certificate for Biofuel. Likewise, as it is an intercrop that allows anticipating the sowing of the summer crop vs. winter cereals, it increases the intensification of the crop sequence, thus reducing the cycles of weeds and diseases, also improving the infiltration of rainwater and recycling of mobile nutrients in the soil.

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