Ramallo Industrial Complex (Bs As)

Port Terminal at Ramallo Industrial Complex was officially opened in September 2005. This Terminal is the headquarters for two main activities. One is directed to the export of grains and byproducts. To that purpose, it has a berth with a loading capacity of 3,000 TM/hour, and world class soybean processing plant, and a storage capacity that will host 1,400,000 tons/seeds and 100 K tons of crude oil in the next years. The other activity relates to Fertilizers. This Terminal has a plant, which manufactures Simple Calcium Superphosphate (SPS) under the trade name SP20Ramallo, and a berth for unloading fertilizers and raw materials, with a 1000 TM/hour capacity. Storage capacity is 250,000 tons for solids and 20,000 tons for fluids.

Buenos Aires
Camino de la Costa, km. 4,7
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Descripción Complejos Industriales
Port Terminal, Crushing Plant, and Production Plant of Phosphatized Fertilizers
Storage Capacity (tons)
400K tons / 90K of byproducts / 25K of oils / 225K tons of fertilizers