PGSM Industrial Complex (Santa Fe)

Puerto General San Martín Industrial Complex, is featured by being: Crushing Plant, Port Terminal, and Storage Plant for grains, meals, and oils.

Located on Parana River coast, it processes 8,000 tons/day of soybean, to produce crude oil and meal. The port terminal has two berths: Puerto Pampa and Puerto Dempa, with a joint loading capacity of 3,000 tons/hour.

Its total storage capacity is of 530,000 tons, broken down into 370,000 tons for grains and 160,000 tons for byproducts. For oils, its storage capacity amounts 48,000 tons, and its soybean refining capacity is of 500 tons/day.

Santa Fe
Puerto General San Martín
San Lorenzo
Ramón Rodriguez 520
Phone number
03476 – 422045
Zip Code
Descripción Complejos Industriales
Processing plant and Port terminal. Storage plant for grains, meals and oils.
Processing capacity (TPD)
Soybean 8000 tons/day
Refining capacity (TPD)
500 tons/day, 200 tons/day of dry netural oil.
Planta de Almacenaje (TONS)
Grains 370,000
Flours 160,000
Oils (Crude) 48,000