Bunge leads fertilizer market in Argentina, and is one of the most important companies in the region. Recent PASA line acquisition, which includes all its assets, and the investments made in Ramallo, Province of Buenos Aires, positions it as a benchmark for the sector within our country.

In Argentina, Bunge manufactures nitrogenous, phosphate, potash, and sulfur-containing fertilizers, thus offering the most demanded nutrients within the country. By combining this offer with imported products, Bunge provides local agricultural producers with the most comprehensive range of fertilizers in the domestic market.

Fertilizer manufacture is mainly directed to domestic consumption and agricultural use, thus supplying the most important – both of extensive and intensive farming - production regions, and, to a lesser extent, exporting products to neighboring countries.


Bunge Argentina in Fertilizers

In 2008, Bunge opens the production plant for Single Superphosphate of calcium in Ramallo, a product marketed under the brand SP20 Ramallo. It is part of the Port Terminal at RamalloIndustrial Complex, and has a dock for loading and unloading fertilizers and raw materials, with a capacity for 1000 tons/hour. Storage capacity is 250,000 tons for solids and 20,000 tons for fluids.

Through the acquisition of PASA Fertilizers, in 2010 its production adds N-K-S nutrients, solids and liquids. Thus, it became producer of the most popular four nutrients in Argentina, for extensive, intensive, and industrial agricultural use.

It is one of the most significant suppliers, as it supplies the entire line of products through its own marketing network. With nationwide coverage, Bunge provides technical advice and a range of fertilizers for any kind of crops, customized logistics, trade and alternative improvement plans as required by customers, supporting the sector technological growth and development.