Bunge published its 2018 Sustainability Report

Informe de Sustentabilidad 2018

Bunge published its 2018 Sustainability Report as a result of a transparent and increasingly sustainable production-oriented management. This document presents the results and information related to Bunge's 2018 business in South America, as well as important data on our performance, behavior and the eco-efficiency of our operations. This includes:

  • Progress in the chain follow-up, with 92% of the risk areas identified in Brazil and 100% follow-up in Paraguay (in Curuguaty) and Argentina (in Salta, Tucumán and Chaco). Also, we had a 14% increase in the number of fields monitored in the last sugar cane harvest in these countries;
  • Integration of the commercial and strategic areas of Food & Ingredients in Brazil;
  • Integration of the legal area for South America;
  • The activity of our volunteers who dedicated 5878 hours in 2018 to the development of activities in 9 Brazilian states;
  • More than 17,000 professionals trained by the Chefs of the Bunge Academy;
  • The launches of the year, such as Nova Delícia.

To read the report click here