T6 - PGSM (Santa Fe)

In 1984, one of the largest private ports in Latin America is created through a partnership with Aceitera General Deheza.

Terminal 6 Industrial. The quality of its protein meals and the production volumes have converted this terminal into one of the main grinders in the world.

Since 1985 to date, several investments made at Terminal 6 S.A. allowed that, at present, it had a daily reception capacity of 76,000 tons of products, and a storage capacity greater than 1 million tons in solids and liquids.

At this T6 Industrial S.A., soybean crushing, and biodiesel production and refined glycerin are carried out. The company has a soybean milling capacity of over 20,000 tons/day to produce crude oil, protein meal and shell pellets. Moreover, these facilities produce biodiesel and refined glycerin for domestic use and for exports.

Santa Fe
Puerto General San Martin
Hipolito Yrigoyen and Paraná Shore
Phone number
(03476) 438000
Zip Code
Processing capacity (TPD)
20,000 tt/ days.
Producción de Biodiesel: 1500 TPD,
Producción de Glicerina cruda: 180 TPD,
Producción de Glicerina refinada: 120 TPD,
La calidad de sus harinas proteicas y sus volúmenes de producción la convierten en una de las principales molturadoras del mundo.