Warehouses for Fertilizers

Our warehouses are strategically distributed throughout the country. Most of them share operations with other Bunge's areas, thus converting them into a significant logistic advantage for customers.

Campana Industrial Complex (Buenos Aires)

City: Campana

Zip Code: 2804


Address: Ruta 9 km 79,4

Province: Buenos Aires

Phone number: 03489 – 436400

Las Cejas (Tucumán)

City: Las Cejas

Zip Code: 4186

Department: Cruz Alta

Address: Ruta Nacional 303 Km 47

Province: Tucumán

Phone number: 0381-154430500 / 598

Ramallo Industrial Complex (Bs As)

City: Ramallo

Zip Code: 2915


Address: Camino de la Costa, km. 4,7

Province: Buenos Aires

Phone number: 0336-4470000