Crude Oils

These products are used in the Chemical and Food Industries.

Crude Degummed Soybean Oil

  1. Product Definition

    Oil extracted from soybean grain. It is produced under strict controlled processes to avoid any possible contamination (physical, chemical and/or biological) that compromise product safety.

  2. Physical Chemical Characteristics


    • Moisture and Volatile Compounds: Max. 0.2 %
    • Acidity (% Oleic acid): Max. 1.0 %
    • Flash Point: > 121 ºC
    • Phosphorus: Max. 200 ppm

Crude Sunflower Oil

  1. Product Definition

    Oil obtained by pressing and solvent (hexane) removal from Heliantusannus seed (Sunflower).

    Characteristics are as follows:

    Moisture and Volatile Compounds (%)Max. 0,2%
    Acidity (% Oleic acid)Max. 1,5%
    Unsaponifiable MatterMax. 1,0%
    Flash Point> 121°C
    C 18:3 Linolenic AcidMax. 0,30
    Sediment (Pat)Max. 0,30%